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It actually kind of made my decision for me. It made the difference.

Craig Labrecque

It could save you a semester you regret.

Amanda Cripps

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Better Grades Guarantee

  • Earn a higher GPA using CampusBuddy this term or your money back.
  • 6-month guarantee

Over 93% of our users report they maintain or raise their GPA after subscribing to CampusBuddy. Because of this finding, we are able to offer all of our subscribers a 100% money back guarantee.

We will fully refund your subscription fee if you sign up for CampusBuddy membership and do not earn a higher GPA in the academic term that you first subscribed to CampusBuddy as compared to the academic term immediately before you subscribed to CampusBuddy. In order to be eligible for the guarantee, you will need to have used the service for at least 60 days and logged in at least once per week. We will need to verify your GPA with the appropriate report cards or transcript, and if you did not improve your GPA upon verification we will immediately send you a full refund.

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